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Andy Neher Photography

Dusty Vinyl

Dusty Vinyl

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This preset package is the “Dusty Vinyl” series. These are some of my favorite presets I use all the time, and are perfect for adding that vintage feel to any image.
The Dusty Vinyl Series

Sometimes, but rarely, a preset will give you the perfect edit with just 1 click, but sometimes you will need to make some adjustments. Because it’s not possible for me to know if you are shooting during daytime, nighttime, under incandescent or LED lighting, etc... it’s important to be able to help the preset by making a couple simple adjustments.

I’ve spent the last several years working and tweaking
my very own presets that I continually go to! They are my own signature style that I’m told stands out from others, and that I believe are some of the simplest to use, adjust, captures any feeling, and are the best starting point for any image in any light!
I’ve designed these presets in a way that the most common adjustments ever made are exposure, highlights, blacks, and shadows. So I advise you to start there if needed.

These presets are designed for a computer or laptop and work with all desktop based Lightroom softwares. 

Do I use the same presets on @andyneherphotography ?

These are the presets I use to get my photos close to their final form. If I am not 100% satisfied with the edit, I tweak the preset til I am happy with the look. It's important to recognize that no preset in the world will ever be able to perfectly edit your photos but they are a huge help. Once I'm happy with the overall look of the image, I often edit the final touches in Photoshop. These final touches can include spot removal, skin smoothing, adding gradients, sharpening, selectively coloring detailed aspects of the image, or composite work. These changes can be made within Lightroom but I love Photoshop for the very detailed tweaks to an image. (Go check out my Photoshop actions for portraits! ;) presets will however, definitely get you the overall look I use in my photos you see on Instagram or Tiktok!

Tips for use:
Always shoot in RAW format, and these presets can be used for any indoor or outdoor images.
All presets are rarely ever one click every time.
It all depends on your own shooting style, and personally, I tend to shoot just a bit darker exposure at times than others may. Again, adjustments to exposure, highlights, shadows, blacks, and temperature are common and sometimes needed.
On these particular presets, I add quite a bit of grain. If it's too much or too little for your taste, that too is something you can easily adjust.

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